Inspire Association Management Company is here to help your association with any of your needs. Please see our full listing of services below, available on a full-time, part-time or a la carte basis.

Association Management




Whatever is important to you is important to us. For us, there is no one size fits all solution. That’s why we tailor our solutions to fit your association’s needs. 


Do you have a small staff and need across the board organizational help? We can do that!


Maybe you are an association experiencing a period of high turnover in board leadership and you need some help with board training or strategic planning.


We’ve got you covered. 


We’ll work with you to uncover your needs and then partner with you to find the success your association deserves.


  • Board Management, Meeting Planning and Reporting

  • Strategic Planning and Benchmarking

  • Account Management, Day-to-Day Operations

  • Board Training

  • Volunteer Training and Management

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Succession Planning

Meetings & Events




If you can’t engage ‘em, you can’t keep ’em.


Meetings, trade shows and conventions offer unique occasions to demonstrate your associations value to your members.


Whether your event provides opportunities for networking, product demonstrations, education, sales or just plain bonding, this is where the rubber meets the road.


You have to provide strong value. We can help you evaluate whether you really are. If needed, we can help you rejuvenate your event to improve attendance and satisfaction.


We’ll help you plan, manage and staff your next event so they keep coming back for more, year after year.


  • Event Planning (Educational Conferences, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Annual Meetings, Board Meetings, Retreats, Seminars, Webinars)

  • Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

  • Event Registration, Budgeting & Accounting

  • Event Dashboards, Timelines, Checklists

  • Onsite Event/Meeting Execution

  • Speaker Coordination

  • Event Sponsorship Programs

  • Event Promotion

  • Family Activities





Keeping current members engaged while continuing to recruit new members is the hallmark of a successful and relevant association.


To do it well consistently, requires strategic programming and the ability to identify and supply solutions to meet members’ needs.


Inspire AMC has been nationally recognized for its innovative membership recruitment and retention campaigns. 


  • Membership Recruitment Plans

  • Membership Engagement/Retention Plans

  • Development and Management of Member Benefits

  • Maintain Membership Database and Dues Tracking

  • Membership Database Creation and Maintenance

  • Dues Billing and Collection

Financial Management



Inspire AMC will help you keep an eye on the bottom line, while still staying active with services now and planning for future growth.


  • Establish & Follow Financial Controls and Procedures

  • Prepare Annual Budgets

  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting

  • Day-To-Day Banking including Receivables and Payables

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Analysis of income v. expenses to reduce costs, maximize member benefits

Marketing and Communications



We can help you reach current and potential members effectively and regularly through a mix of traditional, electronic and social media.


We can plan it, design it and execute it for you.


  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website Development and Maintenance

  • Member Publications (e-Newsletters, Magazines)

  • Social Media Communications and Maintenance

Partner Recruitment and Management



Sponsorships from your business partners enable you to provide more programs and services of interest to you members. Not only do they provide resources for your members, they also help shoulder some of the financial burden for your association


  • Corporate Sponsorship Programs

  • Event Sponsorship Programs

  • Speaker Panels

  • Advertising Opportunities